With unique insight and global expertise, Fajr Capital believes in unlocking the true potential of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC).

Seven of the “Next Eleven” (or N-11) emerging markets are situated in the OIC region. As the world continues to navigate through the turbulent economic climate, high-growth OIC markets are taking positive steps towards economic reform and proving to be growth engines for the global economy.

Against this backdrop, Fajr Capital has developed a robust framework to not only pinpoint the most attractive investment environments in the OIC world, but also create significant long-term value for local communities.

Fajr Capital’s priority markets include the most promising, stable and strategic countries in the OIC region: Brunei Darussalam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates.

Creating enduring value.

Wider grassroots access to financial services is imperative for the future growth of the OIC region. Fajr Capital is committed to advancing Islamic finance across its priority markets and promoting the industry as a pioneering model for financial inclusion and discipline.

As well as the firm’s focus on financial services, Fajr Capital invests in a set of strategic sectors in the real economy, including: education, infrastructure, energy and resources, healthcare, and food and beverages. These sectors of the economy have:

  • Significant potential for future development;
  • Enhance long-term economic prosperity;
  • Enable the growth of the middle class; and
  • Make a positive social impact.

The power of global partnerships.

Fajr Capital believes in building strong partnerships and alliances to facilitate the spread of economic innovation across the OIC region.

The firm is led by a team of seasoned banking and investment professionals, with a proven track record of leading global institutions. Fajr Capital’s Board of Directors comprises of senior economic and business leaders from across the GCC and ASEAN regions.

The power of partnering with Fajr Capital has enabled the firm’s portfolio companies to optimise operational performance; increase product and technological innovation; enhance corporate governance; obtain access to global management expertise; and expand into new markets.

Strong values are a source of strength.

The word Fajr means “dawn” in the Arabic language - representing Fajr Capital’s vision to become a pioneering, role model institution for the global financial services industry.

As well as a robust governance framework, Fajr Capital has appointed three independent Shari’a supervisors to ensure consistency with Islamic legal and ethical principles. The firm’s commitment to Shari’a principles shapes its investment decisions and creates a unique sense of ownership across the whole business.